Color and Light

“Spare a thought for the wild ones who missed the show” 08/08/2020 An ocean of color and light A forest of darkness and mist The ripe fruit of life take a bite Look closer and see what you missed The grindstone keeps us subdued Perpetuate, get done and do Whatever you feel is the rightContinue reading “Color and Light”

Broken Men

Sometimes I feel like giving up On helping crims break the cycle You load them up with good intentions Fresh pathways and plans To come good and give it up This mugs game we call jail And you watch as they all come back The first time The second time And forever onwards Their bestContinue reading “Broken Men”

Oh the horror

04/08/2018 It’s the strangest thing That these times in the doldrums Are permeated with dreams That surprise and delight I’ve done terrible things Been terrorized and tortured I’m broken hearted And I’ve seen much on the inside That tests a mans resolve So it might surprise you As it does me That the dreams whichContinue reading “Oh the horror”