I endlessly wonder if everything happens for a reason. 3/12/2020 Highs and lows Still no one knows Just when it happens That it’s your time to go And me I’m nothing If not a survivor So I live without fear Live like there’s no tomorrow And learn like I’ll live forever I always find TheContinue reading “Perfection”

That Fate May Smile

May we all be blessed with a kinder fate. 06/09/2020 Star crossed lovers Dance to the beat of eternity Original sin, paradise lost And the mystery of death All coalesce Into the beauty and rapture Of fresh seeds sown In the womb of the universe And all yearn For gods love That fate may smileContinue reading “That Fate May Smile”

Black Mystery

I have faith in my intuition to guide me to calm waters. 17/9/2018 As far as the eye can see All ahead is black mystery and death I trust intuition to see me through The survival instinct strong in me I know at all times what I must do And a dogged evil haunts meContinue reading “Black Mystery”

Misery and Death

27/08/2019 On the wall at my mothers house I have a print in beautiful frame Of Van Goghs ‘Starry Night’ An excellent gift For my 19th birthday So while I do my time I had the jail librarian Print me at A3 in color The very same ‘Starry Night’ A week later The screws cameContinue reading “Misery and Death”

Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)

09/03/2019 Some days I feel like Nothing more than A broken sailor Floating on sea of troubles I found my Brandy Such a fine girl But the sea came to claim me And now my only company Is the heartless sharks Plying their craft Of black misery and terror For the honest soul Clinging desperatelyContinue reading “Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)”