The Beauty Inside

The miracle of life for me is that anything works as well as it does. 07/07/2021 The complexity of life  Is truly mind blowing  7.8 billion humans  And each one of the billions of cells  Found in each human body  Is far more complex  Than the largest super computer  Let the synapses   Of my brain   Fire again Continue reading “The Beauty Inside”

Status Anxiety

I know that these feelings will pass. 12/12/2020 Falling fast and falling free Too much reality is a terrible thing They say run your own race But it’s hard not to compare Yourself to all the winners That never faltered on the golden path And no woman will ever compare To the brightest star inContinue reading “Status Anxiety”

Chin up

Things get better. 9/6/2019 Let me kiss your dopamine Let me show you what I’ve been What I’ve done and what I’ve become In the furnace of foulness The fucked up fun house Much time was wasted Stressed and depressed In maximum security With two dozen different cellmates Thieves, woman bashers, derelicts And one orContinue reading “Chin up”


19/04/2019 They all say the same thing You seem like a different person The diet, the haircut The sharp will the result Of waking up to the world A side effect of working In the jail kitchen all week And it’s true I’m steadily losing The nervous laughter The awkward grin And the crippling depressionContinue reading “Mastery”