What do you want to be remembered for?  03/2021  Inspiration and perspiration  Work hard to reach your destination  The call of paradise and sweet delight  Beckons us into the night  Driving home on my own  To my throne I’m in the zone  To acknowledge the blessings  Of first world wealth  To love with gratitude  Our continued good health  PlentyContinue reading “Superman”

That Fate May Smile

May we all be blessed with a kinder fate. 06/09/2020 Star crossed lovers Dance to the beat of eternity Original sin, paradise lost And the mystery of death All coalesce Into the beauty and rapture Of fresh seeds sown In the womb of the universe And all yearn For gods love That fate may smileContinue reading “That Fate May Smile”


It’s a great tragedy for me that I had to waste hundreds of hours of my time on fishing shows and sitcoms. 03/09/2018 Bad art makes me shudder That horrible realization That I have polluted my soul With something unnecessarily coarse Grating, incorrect or hopeless For we have a finite amount Of moments to fillContinue reading “Mambo”

The World At large

16/08/2018 When I’m not looking in my own backyard Sometimes I look at the world And it breaks my heart to think That misery is the river of the world The horrible things that us menfolk do Are a blight on the mark We leave for eternity And it pains me that So precious aContinue reading “The World At large”

Colour and Sound (Eternity)

An explosion of colour and sound I open my mind and the world falls in Everything and nothing all at once Apply the golden filter And catch the best this wild world Has to offer The future is now And what an exquisite gift A human body and mind To plot through the malaise TheContinue reading “Colour and Sound (Eternity)”