Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.  17/07/2021  It was a risk  When he threw the first punch  The biggest guy in the yard  The meanest too  It was damned if you do  Damned if you don’t  Let it slide and he would look weak  Take action and risk a beating  Instinct took over  Caught theContinue reading “Lifer”


Every day I don’t have to talk about stolen cars and meth is a good day. A list of things convicts like: 1. Dirt bikes 2. Compo Claims 3. Crystal Meth 4. Stolen Cars 5. Tobacco 6. Fighting 7. Crack whores 8. Nautica Shirts 9. Methadone 10. Expensive Sneakers 11. Rhyming Slang 12. Heroin 13.Continue reading “Convicts”

The Beast In Me

The more you fight the more you risk serious injury but the fewer people will try to fuck with you. 22/09/2018 The beast in me Ii capable of anything But it takes a lot to draw him out The last time I saw him He got me hurt And the time before that He hurtContinue reading “The Beast In Me”