A Life Well Lived

Stalk the prey of contentment like a relentless wolf. 05/01/2021 Forget the past Let the future be where We focus the gaze Of this consciousness caper One thing at a time One foot in front of the other On this journey towards The life less ordinary And the bliss of achievement Let the mistakes beContinue reading “A Life Well Lived”

Ego Without Substance

Someday I’ll catch up to the regular folks that never faltered on the golden path. 23/1/2019 Ego without substance Is the norm in the jail And in the world of The  prison uniform The only chance to show A little personality is Underwear and socks So it goes as you would expect You wear ‘Tradie’Continue reading “Ego Without Substance”

Lift the curse

04/11/2019 Life happens to people All things being equal It could always be worse So lift the curse Heal these days Cos I’ve changed my ways Never let me lose On this path that I choose The yellow brick road The golden path Has given up the ghost Happy never after But every thorn hasContinue reading “Lift the curse”