My Cozy Den

Existence is truly a special thing.  21/06/2021  Delight in the night  Downtime and daydreams  In my cozy den  Where I dance with the pen  The creative one  My cross to bear  And my badge of pride  That I may be remembered   For words that remain  Positive against the odds  As courageous golden laughter  Permeates the depths of ourContinue reading “My Cozy Den”

Eternities dance (harmony in all things)

24/11/2019 At all I times I carry An attitude of gratitude That I should be so blessed To say god bless this mess When I think about this life of mine An ocean of trouble an ocean of time Stiff upper lip Don’t take no shit Look for the good In my own special godContinue reading “Eternities dance (harmony in all things)”