Every day I don’t have to talk about stolen cars and meth is a good day. A list of things convicts like: 1. Dirt bikes 2. Compo Claims 3. Crystal Meth 4. Stolen Cars 5. Tobacco 6. Fighting 7. Crack whores 8. Nautica Shirts 9. Methadone 10. Expensive Sneakers 11. Rhyming Slang 12. Heroin 13.Continue reading “Convicts”

The Gronks

Bad teeth, bad tattoos, bad haircuts, bad people. 01/07/2019 …and here come the gronks Some are missing teeth Some have black teeth And some have no teeth One’s missing a pinky One’s missing a thumb One’s missing a soul Some have unfinished tattoos Some have misspelt tattoos And some have tattoos that say ‘Fuck theContinue reading “The Gronks”

Wasted Youth

15/11/2019 I don’t know why But I try to save them I see them come and go The revolving door Staggering rate of recidivism So I ask them Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Most haven’t ever thought about it Living in the moment No time for consequences I see them As theyContinue reading “Wasted Youth”