The Right Design

Every day of freedom is a good day. 2018 Unwind the mind to find the right design To articulate with my paper mate What goes on down below It’s obscene in the world of the fiend A river of self-inflicted misery As chemical chains corrupt the brain And I die inside a little each timeContinue reading “The Right Design”


Every day I don’t have to talk about stolen cars and meth is a good day. A list of things convicts like: 1. Dirt bikes 2. Compo Claims 3. Crystal Meth 4. Stolen Cars 5. Tobacco 6. Fighting 7. Crack whores 8. Nautica Shirts 9. Methadone 10. Expensive Sneakers 11. Rhyming Slang 12. Heroin 13.Continue reading “Convicts”