Misery and Death

27/08/2019 On the wall at my mothers house I have a print in beautiful frame Of Van Goghs ‘Starry Night’ An excellent gift For my 19th birthday So while I do my time I had the jail librarian Print me at A3 in color The very same ‘Starry Night’ A week later The screws cameContinue reading “Misery and Death”

The World At large

16/08/2018 When I’m not looking in my own backyard Sometimes I look at the world And it breaks my heart to think That misery is the river of the world The horrible things that us menfolk do Are a blight on the mark We leave for eternity And it pains me that So precious aContinue reading “The World At large”

Oh the horror

04/08/2018 It’s the strangest thing That these times in the doldrums Are permeated with dreams That surprise and delight I’ve done terrible things Been terrorized and tortured I’m broken hearted And I’ve seen much on the inside That tests a mans resolve So it might surprise you As it does me That the dreams whichContinue reading “Oh the horror”

Playful Porpoise

22/11/2019 The porpoise of purpose Swims playfully In an ocean of guilt A drop of light: A kind word Or compassionately considerate gesture Has the effect on the sea As of a drop of blood to the sharks And the dance of death Seems strangely beautiful Nothing to fear Someday I’ll live again On planetContinue reading “Playful Porpoise”

Wasted Youth

15/11/2019 I don’t know why But I try to save them I see them come and go The revolving door Staggering rate of recidivism So I ask them Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Most haven’t ever thought about it Living in the moment No time for consequences I see them As theyContinue reading “Wasted Youth”

Lift the curse

04/11/2019 Life happens to people All things being equal It could always be worse So lift the curse Heal these days Cos I’ve changed my ways Never let me lose On this path that I choose The yellow brick road The golden path Has given up the ghost Happy never after But every thorn hasContinue reading “Lift the curse”


09/12/2019 What an awful place The profiteroles were no good And the tennis court is busy Nearly half the time We don’t even have Netflix Just a reasonable selection of DVDs The radio, a TV And pretty good library There’s even a book club If that’s what you fancy What an awful place No airContinue reading “Profiteroles”

No one but god

24/12/2019 I am a picture of good health Cholesterol Blood Sugar White blood cell count Solid heart And the heavy smoking Hasn’t hobbled me yet But still no one knows My troubles but god I work out Best shape of my life And I have my mantras And my mindfulness But still no one knowsContinue reading “No one but god”