Guardian Angel

In jail it was necessary to build a tough exterior to survive 20/09/2020 I am my own Guardian angel Protecting my inner self With the staunch spirit of manhood It could all have proved to be Too much to handle But my courage swung into action Turning fear into love Stress into motivation And vulnerabilityContinue reading “Guardian Angel”

What Nitro Means

Some people talk about “The Crunch” I feel I’ve been there more than most. 26/6/2019 When you’ve done half a brick In the local slammer You might know what nitro means When you’ve injected Meth amphetamine You’re getting closer When you’ve told some of your story At 4am You’re getting warmer When you’ve gone toeContinue reading “What Nitro Means”

Broken Sailors

Beware the sharks of all different kinds. 20/09/2020 We all know What Hemingway knew That the sharks always win That even the most skillful sailor Is still at the mercy of the sea And if it’s not the sharks It’s the kraken from the deep And we fight Oh how we fight To make itContinue reading “Broken Sailors”

The Sweetest Fruit on the Vine

I hope I never lose sight of how special freedom really is. 09/09/2020 Freedom blooms Like the sweetest fruit on the vine As life opens up Like the finest champagne And god knows I’ve earned my taste Of the nectar of everyday paradise Future echoes Resonate sweetly Deeds done today Grow exponential In the qualityContinue reading “The Sweetest Fruit on the Vine”

Set Sail

I no longer feel like a broken sailor 16/2/2019 When I draw And make art with the pen I often draw Anchors and lighthouses Because there’s something About the idea Of being safe at sea Through the worst of storms And being safe from the sharks The white whale and the kraken That appeals toContinue reading “Set Sail”

Draw the line

Try everything once. 13/7/2019 I’ve tried just about every drug Weed, Ecstasy, Mushrooms Acid, Cocaine, Ice But I draw the line At heroin I’ve listened to just about every genre Punk, Rock, Rap Jazz, Country, Classical But I draw the line At opera I’m too posh for jail Too jail for posh But I likeContinue reading “Draw the line”

The Right Design

Every day of freedom is a good day. 2018 Unwind the mind to find the right design To articulate with my paper mate What goes on down below It’s obscene in the world of the fiend A river of self-inflicted misery As chemical chains corrupt the brain And I die inside a little each timeContinue reading “The Right Design”

Wonderful Horrible Life

It’s been a wild ride. 1/12/2019 My wonderful horrible life Has been blessed and cursed All at once The life less ordinary Has shown me every kindness And every possible hardship Sometimes I wished it would end And sometimes I wished it would never end As wild and painful as it’s been I wouldn’t tradeContinue reading “Wonderful Horrible Life”

Strange and Significant

A life well lived life is a rare and beautiful thing 31/8/2020 . Let the sunshine Burn away my mask Let the rain Wash away my past Let me be what I am The warrior poet The wayward son The Canberran through and through The finder of fun In otherwise fruitless days Laid back inContinue reading “Strange and Significant”