Forever Golden, Golden Forever

The golden path is no longer paradise lost. October 2020 Hold on to what’s golden 7 months no breaches A job and a place of my own That’s how gravy’s made New friends, new connections Precious Banter Sacred good cheer And all that hard work is rewarded So move forward Let the soul sing AndContinue reading “Forever Golden, Golden Forever”

Beautiful Thing

Wish me luck I must be doing something right As the quality of life improves The quality of my art declines Because it’s true what they say That art is pain That we bleed onto the page With our troubled souls and troubled ways – So that when the pain dries up A truly beautifulContinue reading “Beautiful Thing”

The Fairer Sex

29/12/2019 Soulful, mindful and conscientious Ethereal, luminescent and powerful Such is the spell that love creates But I’m no wizard, more like a painter And the girl in the corner haunts my dreams As a new flower blossoms In the purgatory of my life And we all say the same That joy implies pain PainContinue reading “The Fairer Sex”

Better days

11/10/2019 I like to investigate The quality of my existence The first 20 years were sound Some kids hated school I had the time of my life Proud to be a ‘D’ student First kiss, first blowjob, first fuck It seems only fair That the next ten years should be A slow descent into hellContinue reading “Better days”