This Fragile Vessel

Life is shocking in its fragility at some points and incredible resilience at other times. 22/09/2020 Celebrate my patience A fight both new and ancient Transforming a life on the ropes Into a perfect beacon of hope The beasts that lurk in the depths Of the mind don’t bite for I am blessed With aContinue reading “This Fragile Vessel”

Broken Sailors

Beware the sharks of all different kinds. 20/09/2020 We all know What Hemingway knew That the sharks always win That even the most skillful sailor Is still at the mercy of the sea And if it’s not the sharks It’s the kraken from the deep And we fight Oh how we fight To make itContinue reading “Broken Sailors”

Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)

09/03/2019 Some days I feel like Nothing more than A broken sailor Floating on sea of troubles I found my Brandy Such a fine girl But the sea came to claim me And now my only company Is the heartless sharks Plying their craft Of black misery and terror For the honest soul Clinging desperatelyContinue reading “Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)”