Heroes 1 – Billy Joe Armstrong

The 90’s punk wave hit me hard as a kid 3/11/19 When I was a kid My hero was Billy Joe Armstrong The singer of Greenday I had a book about them And loved everything they did Up to and including ‘Nimrod’ I even knew that the drummers real name Was ‘Frank Edwin Wright theContinue reading “Heroes 1 – Billy Joe Armstrong”

The Truth My Love

I still think about her often. 6.1.2019 The truth is my love That I would look for you In the eyes of other women – And the truth is We were much too young When our love blossomed and grew Into an everyday miracle Of something truly special And we didn’t know what we hadContinue reading “The Truth My Love”

Stars Above

Next time I’ll do everything perfectly. 24/11/2019 Just imagine That all that light was illumination The dance of time, no hesitation To weave our souls into A tapestry of life so true That all the pain is washed away With a perfect kiss on a perfect day Golden ribbons on the best surprise Of noContinue reading “Stars Above”

Make Light

Those days in Rome with flowers in our hair remind me just magical life can be. 20/8/2018 As if I’ve been cursed The last ten years have been a nightmare With a few small islands of happiness The keep hope alive None shine brighter Than three weeks in Rome For a good friends wedding TheContinue reading “Make Light”


I have paid dearly for my sins 22/09/2018 On my left bicep I have a tattoo That I got in jail It says: Life.Love.Regret. Life for all that is The entirely of one’s being And everything in the world Good and bad in all its vastness What it means to me And the sentence IContinue reading “Life.Love.Regret.”


27/9/2020 When I was 16 I had a beautiful girlfriend That I called my own A petite Cambodian name Linda Who would later break my heart But when things were good I remember one day She invited me to her house Her parents were out And she gave me A spectacular blowjob Then made meContinue reading “Kitten”