I have paid dearly for my sins 22/09/2018 On my left bicep I have a tattoo That I got in jail It says: Life.Love.Regret. Life for all that is The entirely of one’s being And everything in the world Good and bad in all its vastness What it means to me And the sentence IContinue reading “Life.Love.Regret.”


27/9/2020 When I was 16 I had a beautiful girlfriend That I called my own A petite Cambodian name Linda Who would later break my heart But when things were good I remember one day She invited me to her house Her parents were out And she gave me A spectacular blowjob Then made meContinue reading “Kitten”

Ghost of You

I dreamed of her for ten years and it was always heartbreaking. 13/09/2018 My life is haunted By the ghost of you Who took my soul In the palm of your hand And through no fault of your own Led me to ruin I fell for you When you fell away And when I toldContinue reading “Ghost of You”

Souls Entwined

Another precious thing jail took from me. 26/06/2019 God bless Your luminous virtuosity In the language of the soul Your diaphanous aura Ethereal your glow Your magnanimous spirit So softly I hear it Calling me home No longer alone Ancient your virtue An archetype of perfection The feminine goddess The life giver The life raftContinue reading “Souls Entwined”

The Vessel

“The flickering lights of golden paradise are forever gone” 2012 In turn they fled, awed by the majesty of the great vessel It was as if the dreamed As they stood transfixed Their souls forever altered By the waves of purity Held in the wake of true rapture Soon darkness descended like a waterfall OfContinue reading “The Vessel”

Princess (purple sweater)

31/5/2019 Her name was Metta A real Thai princess Who got work As a hair model She used to wear a purple sweater That showed off her figure And I knew she liked me Because she would punch me hard And her friend call me their pimp – He father had some sort of cancerContinue reading “Princess (purple sweater)”

Eternities dance (harmony in all things)

24/11/2019 At all I times I carry An attitude of gratitude That I should be so blessed To say god bless this mess When I think about this life of mine An ocean of trouble an ocean of time Stiff upper lip Don’t take no shit Look for the good In my own special godContinue reading “Eternities dance (harmony in all things)”

Playful Porpoise

22/11/2019 The porpoise of purpose Swims playfully In an ocean of guilt A drop of light: A kind word Or compassionately considerate gesture Has the effect on the sea As of a drop of blood to the sharks And the dance of death Seems strangely beautiful Nothing to fear Someday I’ll live again On planetContinue reading “Playful Porpoise”