The High Seas Brand

Let me say a little on what the High Seas brand is all about: those who know me and follow this blog know I’ve done a little time in jail, it was a great tragedy for myself, my family and friends. At the heart of my crime was deterioration in mental health so part ofContinue reading “The High Seas Brand”

The Beauty Inside

The miracle of life for me is that anything works as well as it does. 07/07/2021 The complexity of life  Is truly mind blowing  7.8 billion humans  And each one of the billions of cells  Found in each human body  Is far more complex  Than the largest super computer  Let the synapses   Of my brain   Fire again Continue reading “The Beauty Inside”

Soul on fire

One shot give it your all. 09/08/2020 All eyes on me As I navigate this fair city Latitude and longitude I’ll navigate a path for you If true north is what you seek Take my hand and come with me We will: Unlock for you a path that’s true                 Slay your demons                                 HealContinue reading “Soul on fire”