Heroes 2 – Fat Mike

Long live Mike Burkett. 3/11/09 When I was a teenager My hero was Fat Mike The singer of NOFX I had all their CD’s Even the old stuff And I still know all the words To their 18 minute song ‘The Decline’ As Mitch Clem pointed out Their only album that doesn’t have At leastContinue reading “Heroes 2 – Fat Mike”

Misery and Death

27/08/2019 On the wall at my mothers house I have a print in beautiful frame Of Van Goghs ‘Starry Night’ An excellent gift For my 19th birthday So while I do my time I had the jail librarian Print me at A3 in color The very same ‘Starry Night’ A week later The screws cameContinue reading “Misery and Death”

One for the punks

01/11/2019 Let me be Raw and powerful Like Raised Fist Soulful and heartfelt Like Hot Water Music Brutally honest Like Osker Fun loving Like Millencollin Revolutionary Like Against Me! Wild and Unique Like At The Drive In Pumped up and partying hard Like The Bronx Humanitarian Like Propaghandi Punk as fuck Like Rancid A trueContinue reading “One for the punks”