1000 Lanterns

Somewhere, somehow there a people living blessedly beautiful lives. 24/9/2020 Every day on planet earth There is more beauty Than one could hope to see In a thousand lifetimes – Every day on planet earth Someone falls in love in Paris A thousand heroes suffer in silence To give their kids the best possible startContinue reading “1000 Lanterns”

Set Sail

I no longer feel like a broken sailor 16/2/2019 When I draw And make art with the pen I often draw Anchors and lighthouses Because there’s something About the idea Of being safe at sea Through the worst of storms And being safe from the sharks The white whale and the kraken That appeals toContinue reading “Set Sail”

The Cruel and Horrible Sea

Outside the walls The cruel and horrible sea rages on But inside these walls I am a rock I’m in my cabin in the woods My desert island My mothers house When I leave these walls I put on my suit of armor And zero fucks are given A cacophony of poor behavior Permeates everythingContinue reading “The Cruel and Horrible Sea”