Status Anxiety

I know that these feelings will pass. 12/12/2020 Falling fast and falling free Too much reality is a terrible thing They say run your own race But it’s hard not to compare Yourself to all the winners That never faltered on the golden path And no woman will ever compare To the brightest star inContinue reading “Status Anxiety”

One shoots hares..

15/4/2019 One mate shoots hares Down by the river And built a cabin on his land One mate goes hiking Plays piano and hasn’t touched A drink in five years He’s in New York for work One brother was snowboarding In Switzerland the other day He’s just bought a property In scenic Kangaroo Valley OneContinue reading “One shoots hares..”

Wasted Youth

15/11/2019 I don’t know why But I try to save them I see them come and go The revolving door Staggering rate of recidivism So I ask them Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Most haven’t ever thought about it Living in the moment No time for consequences I see them As theyContinue reading “Wasted Youth”

Dirty Dishes

31/12/2019 If you took all the dishes I washed this year They would fill a warehouse And the cigarettes Would fill a jumbo jet If you took the sorrow The heartache and the pain It would be enough for an ordinary lifetime For every year For the past 6 years The coffee would fill AnContinue reading “Dirty Dishes”

The Beautiful Girls

One thing they don’t tell you about Is that women on the scene are a scarce, There are a few female screws, But they: Rarely chat, Have husbands Are old or overweight There’s the case managers A few times a year And one psychologist That was just my type But they’re all business and aloofContinue reading “The Beautiful Girls”

Wolf Blood

There’s only one letter Separating ‘Autistic’ and ‘Artistic’ There’ something in that And my family call me ‘The Creative One’ Maybe I was doomed from the start Destined for madness The Van Gogh of the neighbourhood Bohemia and tears They say ‘Art is Pain’ So I bleed on the page Croon away on the 6Continue reading “Wolf Blood”