Hot Water Music

I’m a man of contrasts… 12/5/2019 Bukowski Called it Hot water music And lately In my down time More and more I’m turning to classical To caress my thoughts As I plan my future And I dream Oh how I dream Of relaxing With a glass of red wine The radio tuned into classical AsContinue reading “Hot Water Music”

One for the punks

01/11/2019 Let me be Raw and powerful Like Raised Fist Soulful and heartfelt Like Hot Water Music Brutally honest Like Osker Fun loving Like Millencollin Revolutionary Like Against Me! Wild and Unique Like At The Drive In Pumped up and partying hard Like The Bronx Humanitarian Like Propaghandi Punk as fuck Like Rancid A trueContinue reading “One for the punks”

Simple Good

Let me tell you about my hammock Between the silver birch trees At the old family home Where I spent days In a sun drenched haze Listening and reading great art Filling with peace my tortured heart No deadlines, no dramas, no death Safe and sound, no one around Just the breeze and the birdsContinue reading “Simple Good”