I endlessly wonder if everything happens for a reason. 3/12/2020 Highs and lows Still no one knows Just when it happens That it’s your time to go And me I’m nothing If not a survivor So I live without fear Live like there’s no tomorrow And learn like I’ll live forever I always find TheContinue reading “Perfection”

Stars Above

Next time I’ll do everything perfectly. 24/11/2019 Just imagine That all that light was illumination The dance of time, no hesitation To weave our souls into A tapestry of life so true That all the pain is washed away With a perfect kiss on a perfect day Golden ribbons on the best surprise Of noContinue reading “Stars Above”

Souls Entwined

Another precious thing jail took from me. 26/06/2019 God bless Your luminous virtuosity In the language of the soul Your diaphanous aura Ethereal your glow Your magnanimous spirit So softly I hear it Calling me home No longer alone Ancient your virtue An archetype of perfection The feminine goddess The life giver The life raftContinue reading “Souls Entwined”