The Beast In Me

The more you fight the more you risk serious injury but the fewer people will try to fuck with you. 22/09/2018 The beast in me Ii capable of anything But it takes a lot to draw him out The last time I saw him He got me hurt And the time before that He hurtContinue reading “The Beast In Me”


I have paid dearly for my sins 22/09/2018 On my left bicep I have a tattoo That I got in jail It says: Life.Love.Regret. Life for all that is The entirely of one’s being And everything in the world Good and bad in all its vastness What it means to me And the sentence IContinue reading “Life.Love.Regret.”


27/9/2020 When I was 16 I had a beautiful girlfriend That I called my own A petite Cambodian name Linda Who would later break my heart But when things were good I remember one day She invited me to her house Her parents were out And she gave me A spectacular blowjob Then made meContinue reading “Kitten”

I Dance Alone

I hope I never have to dance alone. 20/09/2020 Would you believe I spent three and half years In maximum security In the local jail I had zero privacy Two inmates to a cell The exception was When a cell mate got released Moved to another yard Or moved to minimum security Then I wouldContinue reading “I Dance Alone”

Ghost of You

I dreamed of her for ten years and it was always heartbreaking. 13/09/2018 My life is haunted By the ghost of you Who took my soul In the palm of your hand And through no fault of your own Led me to ruin I fell for you When you fell away And when I toldContinue reading “Ghost of You”