The Endless Struggle

Squeeze as much juice as possible out of your short time on planet earth. 29/01/2021 Never lose sight Of the endless struggle To be a better man To be more than you are To be the best version of yourself Strive for these things And you’ll never lose Work hard Like a man possessed GiveContinue reading “The Endless Struggle”

Old Friends

Hope springs eternal. 25/01/2021 Red wine Backyard tattoos Prison tattoos Prison stories Stories of hope and prosperity And always Too many cigarettes Not enough whisky Not enough women And a crushing addiction To solitude and writing Every day I can’t wait To pass the time in my room alone Just like the song My mateContinue reading “Old Friends”

Why I Love Books

Reading is a gift to convicts. 23/01/2021 Reading got me through jail I read everything Moby Dick and Mark Twain War and Peace and Hemingway Irvine Welsh and Tim Winton Were the pick of the bunch The thing about reading is It’s the same no matter where you are So it’s a blessed escape ForContinue reading “Why I Love Books”

Why I Love Punk Rock

I still listen to punk rock… a lot. 23/01/2021 There are reasons why I love punk rock Where most of my peers prefer Hip-hop, Metal, Dance Music and Pop I’m a middle class white male With a rebellious Streak And a distaste for the mainstream The origins of which I’ve never known I grew upContinue reading “Why I Love Punk Rock”

Why I Love Vinyl

These lonely nights of poetry are permeated delightfully. 21/01/2021 There’s just something about A fresh piece of vinyl That hits the spot so sweetly And in just the right way The artwork is huge The liner notes always profound And that feeling as the needle hits Just feels so special CD’s are soulless Tapes tooContinue reading “Why I Love Vinyl”

Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

Learning and fresh knowledge are essential. 18/01/2021 The tree of wisdom beckons To all who would heed its call The ancient power of nature Breathing life into Our weary souls Let this fresh knowledge These new synapses firing Be a rapturous discovery Of the healing power Contained within The oceans, rivers and forests As theContinue reading “Breathe Deep, Seek Peace”

Lost At Sea

Some never make it back to dry land. 10/01/2021 Every step Takes us further from home And try as we might To swim against the tide We inevitably find ourselves Lost at sea Fighting to steer clear Of the relentless sharks Pray they don’t smell blood And that rescue comes God knows it happens RarelyContinue reading “Lost At Sea”