New wave

Sometimes these things come effortlessly. 15/02/2021 Everything is ready to launch What I crave Is a purpose for my journey I’m looking for a new wave Something like: The early days of punk rock The San Fran love generation Soldiers marching off to war Or cultural movement Like occupy wall street And I know ThatContinue reading “New wave”

Why I Love Punk Rock

I still listen to punk rock… a lot. 23/01/2021 There are reasons why I love punk rock Where most of my peers prefer Hip-hop, Metal, Dance Music and Pop I’m a middle class white male With a rebellious Streak And a distaste for the mainstream The origins of which I’ve never known I grew upContinue reading “Why I Love Punk Rock”

One for the punks

01/11/2019 Let me be Raw and powerful Like Raised Fist Soulful and heartfelt Like Hot Water Music Brutally honest Like Osker Fun loving Like Millencollin Revolutionary Like Against Me! Wild and Unique Like At The Drive In Pumped up and partying hard Like The Bronx Humanitarian Like Propaghandi Punk as fuck Like Rancid A trueContinue reading “One for the punks”