Revolving door

The concept of the career crim, is still alive and kicking.  27/3/2019 A mate went home today  They call him The Levitator  Andf my name being what it is  They call me The Navigator  The ‘Gator’ and the ‘Tator’  He’s a metal head  And I’m a punk  So we can agree  On loud guitars  And pounding drums  A career crim   He’s done hardContinue reading “Revolving door”

Broken Men

Sometimes I feel like giving up On helping crims break the cycle You load them up with good intentions Fresh pathways and plans To come good and give it up This mugs game we call jail And you watch as they all come back The first time The second time And forever onwards Their bestContinue reading “Broken Men”

Wasted Youth

15/11/2019 I don’t know why But I try to save them I see them come and go The revolving door Staggering rate of recidivism So I ask them Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Most haven’t ever thought about it Living in the moment No time for consequences I see them As theyContinue reading “Wasted Youth”

Vicious Cycle

20/7/2019 It took a surprisingly long Time in the slammer To figure out Exactly what the fuck These people are doing here Some who seem so normal Friendly or intelligent Have done terrible things And I finally figured out What links it all together 99 percent of them Are raging drug addicts Spend enough timeContinue reading “Vicious Cycle”