Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.  17/07/2021  It was a risk  When he threw the first punch  The biggest guy in the yard  The meanest too  It was damned if you do  Damned if you don’t  Let it slide and he would look weak  Take action and risk a beating  Instinct took over  Caught theContinue reading “Lifer”

The Endless Struggle

Squeeze as much juice as possible out of your short time on planet earth. 29/01/2021 Never lose sight Of the endless struggle To be a better man To be more than you are To be the best version of yourself Strive for these things And you’ll never lose Work hard Like a man possessed GiveContinue reading “The Endless Struggle”


I endlessly wonder if everything happens for a reason. 3/12/2020 Highs and lows Still no one knows Just when it happens That it’s your time to go And me I’m nothing If not a survivor So I live without fear Live like there’s no tomorrow And learn like I’ll live forever I always find TheContinue reading “Perfection”