Every day I don’t have to talk about stolen cars and meth is a good day. A list of things convicts like: 1. Dirt bikes 2. Compo Claims 3. Crystal Meth 4. Stolen Cars 5. Tobacco 6. Fighting 7. Crack whores 8. Nautica Shirts 9. Methadone 10. Expensive Sneakers 11. Rhyming Slang 12. Heroin 13.Continue reading “Convicts”


I have paid dearly for my sins 22/09/2018 On my left bicep I have a tattoo That I got in jail It says: Life.Love.Regret. Life for all that is The entirely of one’s being And everything in the world Good and bad in all its vastness What it means to me And the sentence IContinue reading “Life.Love.Regret.”

Man- Brand

I think it’s true That every choice you make Affects your “Man-Brand” And mine I advertise With posters on the cell wall Thrasher and Paris An eclectic mix From skate punk to literature nerd As age claims me But I tread carefully With the choices I make Limited that they may be Triple J, CoffeeContinue reading “Man- Brand”