The Warrior Caste

Fight hard for the things you love.  26/06/2021  When the pen hits the paper  It’ll be sensational  When ideas start to bloom   It’ll be bloody biblical  When the red wine flows  It’ll take me home  On my own to my throne  Where I focus on the zone  Concentrate on my zen  At ease with the pen  As my soul seepsContinue reading “The Warrior Caste”

The Warrior

I hope I can find the warrior spirit within me.  18/02/2021  The rugged warrior  Shoulders his blade  And walks into new realms of mystery  The future uncertain  He carries the weight of the world  On his massive frame  Few have seen such horrors as he  His pain locked in a box  He buries his past andContinue reading “The Warrior”

Guardian Angel

In jail it was necessary to build a tough exterior to survive 20/09/2020 I am my own Guardian angel Protecting my inner self With the staunch spirit of manhood It could all have proved to be Too much to handle But my courage swung into action Turning fear into love Stress into motivation And vulnerabilityContinue reading “Guardian Angel”