I’ll never again take my sanity state for granted. 22/2/2019 When I first got locked up  My mind was glass That had shattered Under the pressure of insanity But slowly Through force of will I’ve pieced it back together And sealed it with concrete So nothing gets to me Not the violence The drugs orContinue reading “Glass”

Cherish each day

Every one has a champion within them, I want to draw it out of everyone I meet. 12/8/2020 Let the synapses fire Let me have things to say Let me embrace the night So I appreciate the day Confidence is king Haste without bad deeds Getting things done With blistering speed My will and bodyContinue reading “Cherish each day”

The horrible sea

18/12/2019 I am the will weapon warrior The cannon cock crusader The master of mayhem The left wing lunatic The soldier of the suburbs The paladin of peace The alpha and the omega Battling on til Kingdom Come I may die in the gutter I may die alone I may hurt another In my questContinue reading “The horrible sea”


19/04/2019 They all say the same thing You seem like a different person The diet, the haircut The sharp will the result Of waking up to the world A side effect of working In the jail kitchen all week And it’s true I’m steadily losing The nervous laughter The awkward grin And the crippling depressionContinue reading “Mastery”