Amplify the good parts of life and mute the bad. 10/02/2021 Sometimes music amplifies Adrenalin So when I work out I listen to thrash Sometimes red wine enhances Creativity So when I write poetry I drink cab sav Sometimes banter makes work Bearable So when I work I chase conversation Sometimes Creedence Clearwater Revival HelpsContinue reading “Amplify”

Live Without

The pain of being deprived never really fades. 3/9/2018 There’s a lot of things I live without: The company of family and friends The chance to pursue my passions To choose the company I keep To choose the hours that I sleep I live without: Women and wine True laughter and cheer My choices areContinue reading “Live Without”

Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)

09/03/2019 Some days I feel like Nothing more than A broken sailor Floating on sea of troubles I found my Brandy Such a fine girl But the sea came to claim me And now my only company Is the heartless sharks Plying their craft Of black misery and terror For the honest soul Clinging desperatelyContinue reading “Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)”